Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Shake it

Ayu be trippin'. She don't know enough English to be BB messaging nobody in London about no house party. ♪ Shake eee, shake eee ♪. Sho' Ayu. Sho'.

Ayu originally wanted to shoot a bigger budget version of Rihanna's "We found love" music video. But the tanking of Kumi Koda's last two albums put a dent in Avex's marketing budget, so she had to settle for shooting a video in somebodies flat in North East London and filming it on an iPad. The good news is that she got to pick up a new gay. When your marriage to a hot Austrian falls flat on its face, the way to heal the heartbreak is a gay who will worship you. Not content with a Japanese gay, Ayu hit the streets of London to find her a white British one who doesn't mind a bit of cross dressing.


  1. I can't see the video :S I wanna see RoboSkank's new vid

  2. Call me Crazy, but I actually enjoyed this video. Maybe it's because I enjoy the opportunity to act a mess at a trashy party :p lol. It's nice to see Ayu seem well... human. Roboscank always seems so controlled and worried about her image, so it's refreshing to see her let loose and act a drunken scank in this video shaking her ass and whipping her hair.

  3. I actually started to enjoy this video more after a few plays, At first I was grumbling about Avex not making some huge spectacular like "Green" or something but this is really fun and I love the atmosphere of the vid.
    Ayu looks great and LOL who is this tranny guy who's always popping up in her video's?!

    1. That guy must be Timmy, according to fans " He's a noted composer/songwriter, concept creator, accomplished opera singer + pop singer, wig stylist, fag, tranny, lesbian scene stealer, bisexual's anonymous chairperson, purse holder, troll, alcohol adviser, executive bathroom attendant and glitter applier"

  4. Ayu is the goddess of j-pop, forevah!


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