Single arts: Namie Amuro - Go round / Yeah-oh

Namie Amuro - Go round / Yeah-oh [CD + DVD] | Single art Namie Amuro - Go round / Yeah-oh [CD + DVD] | Single art

Namie's smokin' is a different kind of smokin'. It's a 'I know I look good, but I really can't be bothered kinda smokin'. Which is how you roll when you're able to push more units than Ayumi Hamasaki on the ORICON charts without really trying and sell that sex without having to shove a bottle of Mo√ęt in-between yours legs and pretend to eat a woman's vagina in a music video.

With pretty much every single Namie's dropped post Checkmate! being a double A-side, I wonder what this trick is going to have left to make up an album that we haven't already heard the majority of. I can't say I'm looking forward to this album. Unless the new songs (all 2 of them) are absolutely blazing, I won't fall head over heels, because the singles thus far have been seriously weak; with the exception of "Naked", which took repeated listens and a music video for me to get on board with it.

Namie's double A-side "Go round" and "Yeah-oh" releases on March 31.

Bitches is gonna break some heels and lose some weave pieces come March on those ORICON charts. Shiina Ringo's just waiting for these hoes to try and bump her shit out. Dear lawd.


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