Music video: Namie Amuro - Yeah-oh

Namiserable just took her ass to Ayumi Hamasaki's house and shitted on her doorstep. She also just threw Beni's "Crazy girl" off a Yokohama Ferris wheel.

Even when this woman is dancing like somebody slapped Ebola in her rice ball, is looking dead in the eyes and is giving you barely anything in some two outfit, two set video that looks like it was shot in an hour, she's still shitting on hoes. Namie in the white was just YES!!

We've heard many an artist do this song and do this type of video before, but I love this video and have had the song on repeat since it first dropped. I don't know how this bitch does it, but it's part of why I love her. This bitch is just effortless everything. It's what she should call her upcoming album. Effortless everything. I still wouldn't buy it though. As much as I like "Yeah-oh", it's not complete redemption for what has been an era of lacklustre single releases.


  1. I've stanned for every single she's done since 60s 70s 80s.

    I was bit hmmm with Break It/Get Myself Back though, but everything else I've worshipped.

    I really love Tempest <3

  2. Effortless everything is genius. Best J-pop album of 2012 for me.

  3. Eww Proph. I'm disappointed in you. Tempest has to be one of her absolute worst ballads. The meaning of us is one of my favorite ballads/ songs. I like I will too, mostly because of the sentiment behind it and it's one of the few songs Namie has written herself. I like this video as simple as it was. Also, as generic as the song may be, I have it on repeat too. I've been singing in my own made up lyrics since it dropped.

  4. I like it, she has her dead look, but she's gorgeous, i can't take that away from her, i love namie, she's so stunning *_* even if she's dancing in the mood of 'ok i'm on it, can i leave already?'.

    I just saw an interview where she was asked 'how does she see herself in ten years to the future' her answer: 'i only want to give the best i got as long as i'm healthy able to' so she's not leaving anytime soon even if she wants =/

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Namiserable SLAYmuro just killed it! This video has been done before but Namie OWNED that shit! She looked hot, fierce, YOUNG, and her dancing was on point and most importantly even though she still looked miserable she was still giving some ENERGY :D
    Had this on repeat it's amazing.


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