I'm on holiday. Fuck da updates.

Hey skanks.

Just dropping you a quick post to let you know that I'm going away on holiday to Japan tomorrow for 2 weeks. Please excuse the lack of caps lock and exclamation marks. I'm fucking tired as hell. Somewhere deep down inside this zombie like body of mine lies happiness that I get to spend 2 weeks away from work and out of the country in a place I find really really cool. But I'm dead inside right now. This tiredness is REAL. I just hope I wake up in time to get to the airport and catch my flight. My body is ready...for a coma.

I won't be posting for 2 weeks (so business as usual.  I know my faithful skank tricks are used to my not posting forever), but you can follow me on Twitter. WiFi is a bitch to access in Japan if you don't have a Japanese SIM card or handset, so I won't be tweeting as frequently as I would if I were here. But any moment I'm able to catch some WiFi, I'mma tweet so much shit about everything and how I just saw a Ayumi Hamasaki truck break a red light to try and catch some extra Love again sales. I'll be on it like crack. I was suffering from Instagram and Twitter withdrawals the last time I visited Japan. I ain't about any life without Twitter. Gah damn.

If any of you would like me to shade an artist in a record store with some of my special visual merchandising (i.e putting decent CD's which deserve to sell in place of rubbish bitch's CD's) let me know! And if I pass a Tsutaya, Book off or the Tower records in Shibuya, I'll put hands on CD's and re-arrange that shit like I work there. I'll also be sure to pick up another copy of Vivid to help out my girl Crystal. I may even cop a Hiromi CD...if music retailers even received a shipment of her albums in the first place.


  1. Have fun in Japan J, lucky bastard! I'm going to wish you luck on finding that Crystal cd, and I'll pray for a miracle so you can find that Hiromi CD because I KNOW that shit must not have seen a physical release with her abysmal sales. I would like to see some Visual Merchandising for Vivid if possible. Take lots of pics and keeps us updated via twitter! I always like hearing about your trips; your blog posts about Japan are always very insightful.

  2. If you run into Ami Suzuki buy her a hot meal.

  3. I had a hard time finding VIVID too. She was like, nowhere..... Not in ク, not in C. Almost got the feeling she didn't belong...

    If you go to a record store and find a goldmine of 3 CK CDs, can you rearrange shit and get a photo? Crystal Kay in front row 3 times, thats what Id like to see.

    And please do some justice for VIVID. I dont care if you paint a picture of Crystal on some guys truck and drive it, I dont care if you spread your legs dancing to your ipod in a store, I dont care if you set fire to everything Ayu and Arashi - just SOMETHING...

    And I hope you enjoy it <3

  4. Ninjari Bang Bang needs a little extra promotion. Maybe it's time to put it wherever HKT48's single is hanging out.

  5. Besides seeing what's up with Vivid and anything Crystal how about Michi? I think she had a live show recently but that's all I've heard.

    Enjoy yourself and have fun. I know you will :)

  6. Go find Kuma Chang. Then Kidnap it. Then let us know when Utada's soon to be released Double "A" Side Single with a Music Video with her in it is to be released.

  7. Have a great relaxing time!!

  8. Have a great holiday! I wouldn't mind some visual merchandising for Utada, I feel like Japan's forgotten about her

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  10. Enjoy your holiday!

    Oh and erhm.. I wouldn't mind if you send me one robohoe in that 'Spring of Life' outfit.. like.. maybe........ Kashiyuka.......... I mean her legs and... . ... ... ....

  11. Arghhhhh I'm so jealous! Here's a good idea though, Buy all the CK "Vivid" albums to can find (at whatever knockdown price I imagine they're at) and sell them on Ebay! Literally have NEVER seen a copy on Ebay and bitch I been LOOKIN.

    If you do that let me know coz I want first dibs! lol

    Also don't shade the Empress, Take this opportunity to immerse yourself into everything Ayumi... You should have gone when her tour kicks off! LOL

    Oh, and if you bump into Utada tell her she needs to come back!

    Have fun J :) x


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