Random J Pop playlist: This is Sugababes

Album arts + Tracklisting: Kumi Koda - RE(CORD)

Crystal Kay re-opens Crystal café and stays booked for Christmas

TVXQ got "Hot sauce" in their bag

Rina Sawayama gets Uniqlo to run her a cheque to fund the elusive album

Super Junior "Super clap" for the fact they're still going *Pan camera to the Girls' Generation memorial*

Selena Gomez serves not very much with "Look at her now" and "Lose you to love me"

Random J playlist: Namie Amuro: The buss down

Victoria Monét's "Ass like that". An ode to ass, self acceptance and renewing your gym membership.

Twice return for some Japanese wigs with "Fake and true"

Ringo Shiina gives it to the gei's with "Kouzen no himitsu"

LIZ Y2K's beach sex getaway bop "Laguna nights"

Harry Oppa and order of TXT in "9 ¾ (Run away)"

The original Sugababes return to music and TV, and snatch my wig back into the year 2000

Tiffany Young's "Run for your life" is basically a Lady Gaga song

Harry Styles puts dem "Lights up" for the thirst traps

Kumi Koda serves a side of "Strip" with no cakes

Samantha Jade makes a comeback with a "Bounce" in her step

Album review: Ne-Yo - Another kind of Christmas

Caroline Polachek reads her past self with "Look at me now"

Avex arrive in 2019 and finally release full versions of Ayumi Hamasaki's music videos to YouTube

K-Pop star Sulli dies at age 25

JoJo has a real-ass word with herself in "Joanna"

Mariah 'no-middle-name-but-it-shoulda-been-Patricia' Carey sits with Variety and spills the tea

SuperM be "Jopping" with superhero style foolishness that's a whole joppin' mess.

Perfume to release a new single "Saisei" for the detective mystery film Shijinsou no satsujin