Harry Styles puts dem "Lights up" for the thirst traps

Harry Styles puts dem "Lights up" for the thirst traps | Random J Pop

Ex-One Directioner Harry Styles is back with a new single. And just as Harry did with his debut single back in 2017, he's once again said 'They gon' get what they get'.

Harry's debut single "Sign of the times" was almost 6 minutes long and far slower and more sombre than most were expecting. Now this time around he's kicking his an album off with a single that's funky, clocks in under 3 minutes and doesn't really have a clear Verse > Chorus > Verse > Chorus structure.

Okay. Well, go off Harry.

I mean, he's Harry Styles from One Direction. He can do whatever the fuck he likes. He could release 1 minute and 30 seconds of waters dripping and fans would say it slaps and send it to the top of every chart.

I had to toss this 99p for a download. It's a bop.

The lack of structure is weird at first. But then you just get into the vibe and it works.

Now. Many are taking the lyrics of the song and the video as Harry's 'Bi coming out' song. I can see why people would think that. Especially given Harry's openness in regards to acceptance of all sexualities, genders and and his unreleased song "Medicine" which featured the lyric ♪ The boys and the girls are in, I mess around with him and I'm okay with it ♪. But I also kinda don't care. Harry Styles has said that he doesn't feel the need to confirm one way or the other, and rejected the notion of being labelled, and I completely get that. Why does it matter to any of us?

We're in a time and age where many understand that sexuality is a spectrum and some choose not to define their own, because they either feel that they can't or they're unsure. Yet, some of us still want to be able to pin labels on people and define their sexuality anyway. And to those who are looking at Harry's outfit choices of sparkly blouses and heeled boots, that's a dead end. Prince, David Bowie and Iggy Pop were all known for redefining masculinity and making it clear that your sexuality is not defined by how you dress or carry yourself on stage or in a music video. And it's easy to see how Harry could be channelling that too.

Bottom line? Harry is accepting of all and just loves people. He can do what he likes, fuck who likes. It makes no difference to me. As long as he isn't playing games, hurting anybody and remains unproblematic. But he knew what the hell he was doing when he had that dude touch on him though. He knew. Harry be trollin' just a lil' bit.


"Lights up" is a really nice song. Harry's really grown into himself as an artist and it's gonna be interesting to see if this funkier vibe we get here is indicative of what to expect from his upcoming album.