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Ciara - C-Error | 'shopped by J ;P
A massive deal was made out of Ciara's album dropping in August, with the release date even being brought forward a week not long after the initial release date announcement. And not even even a month later, the album has been pushed back to October.

This whole Basic instinct roll out has stank of the same shit Jive went on with for Fantasy ride since day one. Jive go with a more than decent lead single (I don't care what anybody says, "Go girl" had hit potential), yet...
  • Ciara's nowhere to be seen performing the song (we've had one ghetto ass performance of "Ride" so far).
  • She's not stopping by radio stations as regular as she should.
  • An albums worth of material has already leaked.
  • There is no heat behind the project to speak of.
I'd love to know what Jive and Ciara's team are playing at. This whole thing is a mess.

An October release at least gives Ciara enough time to continue recording if she chooses to (she'd be wise to given the sheer number of leaks and that the majority of them are rubbish), get "Gimme that" on radio playlists, shoot a video for it and get those TV and radio spots lined up. But I can't help but ask myself: Given nothing truly productive in the way of promoting Basic instinct was done up until now, are Ciara's team really going to bother between now and October? I can't forsee them doing what they need to in order to put this all right. But hopefully I'm wrong.

Ciara really cannot afford to have this album go the way of Fantasy ride. Because her career will be in deep doo-doo if it does, and the only rides she'll be making is to the strip club for shifts.


  1. Uh, she's been making stops to radio stations from New York to Miami and i know that for a fact.

    The only things that have leaked were songs that aren't even making the album anyway, except for "Run It", "Speechless", "Ride", and "Gimme Dat", all of which were released on purpose.

    And the album was pushed back because she IS still recording songs for the album and working with more producers. She said she was in the studio on twitter a few days ago.

    Get those facts first.

  2. I got a fact. The fact being that Jive and Ciara's team are NOT handling this album correctly.

  3. LOL. It's that #1 Ciara fan, good 'ole Anonymous.

    It just now hit me how clever c_error is! XD

  4. This is totally true. More promotion is needed. Trust me i am a big ciara fan. I have been since day 1, and have bought all the albums (including fantasy ride. Cause all those songs leaked people weren't bothered to buy the actual album. Lets just hope the same thing wont happen. Ride is steadily climbing up the billboard 100 at no 42 from thursday 22nd july. All she needs now is to do some more performances of ride, the first one was at birthday bash 2010 and another one at some club alongside LaLa (both on youtube). Then a vid for gimme dat will top it all off. Anyway i wish her gd luck and hopefully they will release it in september as we havent had october confirmed by Ci herself......


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