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BoA - Hurricane Venus | Album info
BoA's 6th Korean full length studio album is titled Hurricane Venus and will release on August 2. The title is rubbish, but it at least explains why BoA has flowers on her head...kind of. They could have made BoA look a little sexier and more Goddess like though. Them Super Junior and SHINee boys are rocking more feminine-sexy on their album covers than BoA is in her promo pics. She looks like the spirit of a Forest temple from a Legend of Zelda game as opposed to a Goddess of love and beauty. Good luck to her dancing on Inkigayo with that shit on her head.

I'm not feeling the title or the promo image directions, but at this point in doesn't even matter. Because despite BoA still being young, she's like K-Pop royalty and she will shut that K-Pop game down. 10 years in the game and hugely successful in her home country and in Japan. And despite her US debut being certified Bomberman by the RIAA, at least she managed to put an album out over there at all and shoot three music videos for three singles. That's more than what Se7en managed to do, and the combined number of videos Hikaru Utada managed to put out for 2 of her US releases.

Hurricane Venus indeed. Because BoA's about to blow them other K-Pop bitches into a tree when August 2 comes around. Narsha best wrap up "BBI-RI-BOP-A" within the next couple of weeks before BoA comes for her.

SM entertainment need to come correct with this first single. I do NOT want to hear BoA on some shit that sounds like a mash-up of "Bonamana", "Ring ding dong" and "Gee", otherwise I'll upload a video of myself shitting on a BoA CD.


  1. The sad thing is that it most likely will sound like a combo of "Bonamana", "Ring Ding Dong" and "Gee" and with a generic video to go along with it

  2. So she needs to drop a hot lead single off her new album before 2nd August, which is 9 days away...sorry J - don't see that happening!

  3. How is she going to promote it if she's on tour???


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