Kylie: the Aussie Aphrodite hits number 1 all over the joint!

The Aussie Aphrodite goes #1 | 'shopped by J ;P
Kylie Minogue is yankin' on weaves and takin' names, as her Aphrodite album marks a return to the top of the charts! Kylie's eleventh studio release has secured the top spot in the UK album chart. In her home of Australia, the album failed to knock Eminem off of the top spot and entered the chart at a more than admirable number 2. Kylie's also been sniping bitches on the downloads front, because Aphrodite has also hit the #1 spot around the world on the iTunes album chart. Kylie can file Belgium, Austria, Canada, Luxembourg and Japan as countries her latest pop effort has gone #1 in on iTunes. Get 'em Kylie!

She is also releasing the widespread album fave "Get outta the way" as her next single. She's already begun performing at a couple of gay venues, where every fan in attendance can be heard screaming what is possibly one of the best pop hooks of 2010. "All the lovers" may have failed to reach number 1, but "Get outta the way" won't follow suit. It's too much of a hit not to! The song is a pop gem. I'll go outside and slap the same amount of people as the song is from the number 1 spot if it doesn't do the deed.

Kylie should send Christina a fruit basket and some cupcakes.

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  1. J the last line regarding X-tina made me laugh so hard, I almost swallowed my gum and killed myself. You gotta warn some people, your little jokes are deadly hilarious.

    Love your posts.

    Holla, Dan


    Kylie is expected to debut at number 19 on Billboard 200 in the USA.

    Not that bad, hopefully GOOMW will help launch it to top 10.

    No promos whatsoever in the USA so far, people are saying GOOMW will be the leading single in the USA.


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