The Beyoncé songwriting scandal chronicles volume 3: Bangladesh throws a bitches weave into the frying pan

I may as well make a series out of this shit, because it's quickly becoming one, and this isn't including the scandals I didn't post about.

We all know that the shit surrounding Beyoncé's songwriting game is about as a bullet proof as a Wal Mart Umbrella. So it should come as no surprise that yet again another producer who worked with her has thrown in his 2 cents about the whole debacle. Producer of Beyoncé's "Diva" and "Video phone" has now gone on the record. He doesn't directly say a bitch don't write them songs. But he might as well have...

I'll put it like this. It doesn't matter who's writing the songs, or who's producing the songs. It's who's delivering the mother fucker. It really doesn’t matter if Beyoncé is actually sitting there physically writing the song. Even if she's not, it don't mean she can’t. She might not have the time. It doesn't matter, because you can work with artists who write, or work with artists that’s Beyoncé's level. For me it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, she's on a level where things are handed to her; people wanna be a part of what she's doing. She either wrote it, or she can put her name on it - it doesn’t matter because that's the boss you are.
Bangladesh is speaking part truth. Although I don't agree with what he says about it doesn't matter who is writing or producing a song. As a producer he shouldn't be saying this shit, surely? Who produces a song means everything, because it's a big part of what can help people associate with a song. The fact Bangladesh produced "Diva" mattered, because he'd produced "A Milli" and we could all tell that. The Dream and Tricky Stewart working on "Single ladies" mattered, because we all knew they'd delivered a smash hit for The Forehead. Who is writing and producing a song matters a great deal. If it didn't, then why is Bangladesh making an issue out of it where Beyoncé is concerned? If it doesn't matter, then why is a bitch hell bent on having her name be listed as a song writer on every song? Clearly it matters to some degree.

Regardless of how big a 'bowwwss' you think you are, you should not be taking credit for a song which you did not write. Beyoncé needs to wake up and smell the lacefront glue. Nobody is going to think any less of her for not writing a song. People however are going to think less of her for claiming she wrote a song which she did not. It makes her looking like a lying bitch. I love a great deal of Beyoncé's songs, and I wouldn't like them any less because she didn't write them. A good song is a good song. And Beyoncé slaying a hot beat is what sells her music to me; not whether she wrote it or not. Brandy is one of my favourite artists, and Afrodisiac is one of my favourite albums. Yet she only wrote one song on it. Do I think any less of her because of it!? Hell no! Because Brandy put enough of a stamp on the songs vocally that she made them hers and every song on the album was a kick ass song.

This raises eyebrows about how many songs Beyoncé actually writes. Chances are producers and songwriters are unwilling to shed light on the situation in fear that it'll mean Beyoncé won't ever work with them again. Because as Bangladesh rightly said: she's Beyoncé. And producers and songwriters might be happy to turn a blind eye to her name being listed as a songwriter on a song he had no hand in, purely because they know that to get a gig with Beyoncé is a BIG deal. I certainly can't see Beyoncé hitting the studio with Ne-Yo again after he outed her on "Irreplaceable". Rob Fusari can kiss them Knowles cheques goodbye after calling a bitch out for "Bootylicious". And Bangladesh is already on some thin ice with his statement.

Beyoncé's songwriting was suspect to me from Survivor, where she was listed as writing every single song on that album except for "Emotion". Not to say she couldn't have done it. But it made me scratch my head and wonder Did she really!? And the whole mess of Beyoncé being listed as a songwriter for "Silent night" on Destiny's child's Christmas album was the final straw. The audacity of this will never cease to amaze me, and I'll keep bringing it up every time a B songwriting scandal drops.

As I was listening to I am...Sasha Fierce I had doubts about which songs she wrote. I don't believe for a damn second she wrote "Satellites" or "Ave Maria". We've all seen Beyoncé in interviews and know a chicks' vocabulary is limited. Ain't no way in hell she could pull the line "What a beautiful state we're in, but how can we live in isolation" out of her lacefront. I bet she can't even spell the word 'satellites' let alone chuck that line in a song. And word of "Halo" having been shopped around before it reached Beyoncé and the surfacing of a Ryan Tedder demo also casts doubt about how much of that song she wrote. And we all know about "Smash into you".

She's only killing her own credibility with this mess. As far as I'm concerned a bitch is stealing. They should make her do some community service.

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  1. She's stealing and being dishonest end of story. Just because some ppl (like this guy apparently) are willing to sell themselves to the devil to get ahead doesn't mean she or anyone should get a free pass. Those producers and writers put a lot of hard work and talent into helping her but instead of being appreciative and respectful she s**ts all over them. No matter how "big" she is this is going to come back on her in a negative way, it's only a matter of time.

  2. "No matter how "big" she is this is going to come back on her in a negative way, it's only a matter of time."

    She almost got run over in London this week. It's already begun *lol*

  3. HAHA, your hella funny randomjpop lol, any way she is the most disrespectful bitch i have ever witnessed. some old woman would need help to cross the street, bitch would just flip her hair and throw kelly rowland's Ms. Kelly in her face.

  4. "She almost got run over in London this week. It's already begun *lol*"

    LMAO, I forgot about that.

  5. It's already begun? Ahahahahahahahah
    The thuth is: we all need new music from Beyoncé NOW!


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