BoA, yo' momma!

BoA and her Mum | Tweeted photo
BoA tweeted a picture of her and her mum, and all I can say is Damn. BoA looks just like her! The eyes, the nose, the mouth... So no guesses where BoA gets her hot looks from. And also her poise in photos. Her Mum is just chillin', yet still rocking a twinkle in her eye that says she must have had mad photo swagger back in the day.

BoA looks cute in this picture, but her Mum has her beat on that hair game. But BoA needs to get them roots done by lunch time. I don't know why people is putting flowers all up in her hair, when what the need to do is dye that shit. SM entertainment probably blew their Costco shipped stash of hair products and cosmetics budget on SHINee for their Lucifer promotions. Them boys be rocking more make-up and products in the hair than Girls' generation and f(x) combined.


  1. Holy shit, BoA looks awesome in this picture. And so does her mom! I mean, yeah, BoA needs a root touch-up, but they both look awesome! For some reason, in a lot of photos, BoA looks slightly... off (plastic?). But here, she looks stunning.

  2. BoA not taking a bad picture is the only thing she's been consistent with in her career. *lol* This is just some regular ass mobile phone snap, and her face STILL looks flawless.

  3. Well, this picture scared me a little, at the very least.


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