Kato Kazuki sells his soul to dance and wear a catsuit

Kato Kazuki must have sold his soul to the J-Pop devil when he switched record labels. Because he couldn't be any further removed from the guy he was when he started out if he began rapping and featuring on songs with M-Flo. A part of him must have died when he recorded this song and shot this video. It had to have done...

What the hell have these people done to Kato Kazuki?! When he debuted, he was singing nice rock songs with some credibility and doing nothing but smouldering in the music videos. Now he's singing Johnny's style cruise ship cabaret sounding crap, is wearing catsuits and is dancing in his music videos. When the f**k did Kato Kazuki start dancing?!

His recent music sucks, but his old stuff was (still is) decent. "Kimi to zutto" always gets a random play every now and again on a good day.

The album Kato released when his music was good: Face album review