Brown eyed girl Narsha works that wig on Music bank

Brown eyed girl Narsha performs 'BBI RI BBA BAA' on Music bank | Live performance
Narhsa hit up Music bank to slay some bitches with a performance of "Bibbity bop bap" or whatever that shit is called. Whoever did her make up had her looking like an ill Geisha. But she still looked sexy and worked the stage.

Narsha managed to one up Ga-In and get hands in the titty region live on stage. It was subtle and there was no cupping as was the case of Ga-in's consensual molestation in the "Abracadabra" video, but there was still hands in the area.

Overall, good performance! Narsha could have worked the stage a little bit more. But I'm sure we'll see Narsha level-up that swagger in a few performances time. And that if she's not dead inside from having ro performing this song on every Korean TV show every day of the week, that she'll be strutting around every inch of that stage, pointing fingers and poppin' booty.

Watch the music video: Narsha gets Witch sexy for "BBI RI BOP A"


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