Lady Gaga gives a whole lotta 'self on The today show

Lady Gaga performs songs off of 'The fame monster' at The Today show | Live performance
Lady Gaga made a stop at The today show to show her love to her lil' monsters, perform songs off of The fame monster and give them the ultimate surprise: a performance of a song from her upcoming album. I think the song sucks myself. If you're not paying enough attention you could mistake if for "Speechless". But as long as the monsters are happy!

Gaga put on a really good show. She looked much healthier than she had been looking over the past few months, and seemed wholly engaged and to be feeding off of the crowd's energy is such a great way. I'm sick of seeing this broad everywhere. But I can't deny: she did good with this shit.

Short interview & debut performance of "You and I"

"Someone to watch over me" & "Bad romance" performances

"Alejandro" performance

"Teeth" performance

I don't know whether it was the effect of the rain, but that layer of 'Gaga' that usually makes it hard to connect with her just wasn't there! This is probabaly the most engaging and real I've seen Gaga in...ever! She put on some great performances and is finally grasping the concept that less can actually be more. "Teeth" was my favourite performance of the lot. I love that song and how she sounds on it. And the way she just stepped out into the rain and let loose was really fun to watch. I still think this chick needs to sit down until next year when her new album comes out, but this was one of her best performances in a while.


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