Music video: Lady Gaga - Perfect illusion

Lady Gaga - Perfect illusion | Random J Pop

The music video for "Perfect illusion" does what it said it would on the tin. The image of Gaga atop a crowd swinging a microphone, Gaga's performance of the song in some grotty British pub, Lady Gaga on the "Perfect illusion" single cover - they are all the music video in some form. So the music video itself wasn't much of a surprise visually.

The video suits the song, in that its simple and barely there. The music video also helped capture the sense of build and tension that I feel the song lacks, especially once the key change happens. However, the music video isn't that memorable. It's certainly not going to be as widely referenced and spoken about as the likes of "Bad romance" and "Alejandro" were, but maybe that's a good thing. The video not trying to do the most or really do anything is what I quite like about it. Even though I'll never watch it again.

But it's refreshing to just see Lady Gaga in a simple outfit in a simple video. I was watching some of her previous videos the earlier in the week and they were making me cringe. Especially "Judas" where it felt like she was trying way too hard. So it's nice to see Lady Gaga do simple. But even within the sphere of simplicity, she could have delivered a better video.