Music video: Lady Gaga - G.U.Y

Lady Gaga's Artpop era for me has been hit and miss. Mostly miss. There's not been a great deal of consistency with her image for it and everything from this era wreaks of somebody who has bought completely into their own hype. To a lesser extent than Born this way, but Gaga still believes she is the second coming and her Monsters truly believe that. Artpop has made me think about how I miss The fame Gaga and "G.U.Y" for me recaptured that Gaga visually and aurally. 

This video is an overblown mess, but it's an enjoyable overblown mess. Had Gaga released this song and video first, I would have left a f**k leftover to give Artpop much earlier. It's the strongest song and video she's released since "Bad romance" and "Telephone".


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