Kumi performs "Lollipop" on Music Japan and CDTV

Kumi performs 'Lollipop' on Music Japan and CDTV | Live performance
Kumi croons about how she be dodging bullets in the song "Lollipop", but she's doing anything but; because Avex Trax be poppin' caps in a bitches legs like wild game right now.

Kumi looks more and more fed up these days, with the Avex lifestyle finally taking its toll. Kumi didn't even change her wig since her last "Lollipop" performance. That's when you know shit is up. Because us Kumi followers know how she always keeps it movin' with the hair, and a bitch don't do the same lacefront twice. But she done did the same lacefront three times now. She officially needs a break. Three times!!

Kumi performs "Lollipop" on Music Japan

Kumi performs "Lollipop" on CDTV

These performances were as tired as the pink rinse on her wig. I feel as though "Lollipop" has already been piledriven into the ground and I've only seen 3 performances of it!

I never understand why whenever Kumi releases a multi A-side single, that she ends up performing just one song from it. 3 splash saw Kumi make like the only song on the release was "Lick me". Fair do's, because it was the strongest song. But in Gossip candy's case, I think "Inside fishbowl" is much better than "Lollipop". It's a nice fun song, and who knows: It might push Kumi into actually performing like she gives a f**k.