Music video: T.I featuring Keri Hilson - Got your back

I don't love this song. It reminded me way too much of Keri Hilson's "Knock you down". There are sections in the beat where "Knock you down" is pretty much being ripped off. But the song is good for what it is: a light-hearted jam for the Summer.

The video was simple, but nice. I was not feeling Keri Hilson's hair, and the lipstick that had her look like she kissed a Pelican in the Mexican Gulf. But she still looked hot. And Tiny's appearance and T.I's smile at the end was too damn cute for its own good.


  1. I actually hate this song, purely because the beat is a cheap knock-off and not really up T.I.'s alley. It's a throwaway track that was made into a single.

    If he wants Danja's sound, he's WORKING WITH DANJA... there's no need to ask DJ Toomp or Jim Jonsin to bite Danja. He did it on Paper Trail, too, with Whatever You Like. So annoying.


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