Music video: Keri Hilson featuring Rick Ross - The way you love me

Beyoncé's currently not around to constantly open her legs and pussy pop in music videos, so somebody had to fill that stop gap. And Keri certainly did. Her legs were open so often I could smell her p***y through my PC monitor.

This video was plain garbage though. The choreography was weak. Keri looked like she was trying way too hard. And the whole thing was just too clichéd. We've seen it all before and done better on past occassions. Notably back in the 90's. I still like the song though. It's hood garbage which I'm sure has Keri's mother wondering which kind of daughter she done raised. But it bangs hard.


  1. LOL at first i wasn't feeling this song but now i kinda am, although it still is kinda like wtf?! how you release "Pretty Girl Rock" and now the "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" song?

    The vis started off good (besides the corney acting *looks at Keri & Faith) but somehow it went from a plot to Kery just thrusting her stanky pussy at the camera and licking doors with her exorcist tongue and then getting it on with some guy she was meant to be arresting in a stairwell *scratches head*...
    At least JoJo got her 10 seconds worth though, Blackout better get her album out because she's shitting on Keri musically but it aint getting put out.... smh

    Anyway to me this vid is a joke (literally, i play it just to laugh at her) and J is right it has been done better. When XTina did "Dirrty" it was just as skanky but she OWNED it and i felt that she was being true to herself at the time, Keri is just doing this to get sales and the whole thing reaks of desperation and that isn't sexy.

  2. This video made absolutely no sense, but then agian it was directed by that Gibson bitch from making the band. No wonder diddy fired her ass; this music video was shit! Honestly, I don't know what the hell keri was doing. I want to know how she went from don't touch my ass (pretty girl rock) to violate my vagina. Either way if keri wants someone to fuck her I would be happy to oblige ;).


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