Album art: Keri Hilson - No boys allowed

This shit looks ugly. It's barely better than her horrendous In a perfect world... album cover. I love how despite the album having a pro-woman, man hating title, that her third single is the skankthem about how good a dude can f**k her. And that she resorted to it in light of "Breaking point" and "Pretty girl rock" making as much impact as an M&M falling on a shag pile carpet. Hopefully "Pretty girl rock" will garner more attention as a result of the video. It's a much better mainstream look than "The way you love me".


  1. This is a joke right? The hair is XTina circa "Shake your tail feather" and the whole cover is something only Miley Cyrus could pull off... BECAUSE SHE'S 17! O_O
    Don't mind "Breaking Point", HATE "The way you love me" but ever since i saw the "Pretty girl rock" vid i'm hooked, you gotta review the vid J it's AWSOME.

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