Keri hops on the radio. Ciara is disappoint.

Keri Hilson appeared on Power 1051 FM, where the subject of Ciara came up. Ciara didn't like what she heard, and unfollowed Keri Hilson on Twitter straight after this video hit. Don't nothing say a friendship is over like an unfollow on Twitter or a friend removal on Facebook. That's when you know it's over, over! Ciara was obviously cut deep. Watch the interview for yourself and see if Ciara is just taking shit the wrong way.

I don't know why Ciara is throwing a hissy fit. It was Charlamagne mocking her. Nothing Keri said seemed like it was an attack on Ciara. Perhaps Ciara and others are seeing and or hearing something I'm not. But it didn't seem to me like Keri was attacking Ciara's albums sales. But just stating she wanted to sell better than 35,000, and Keri rightly stated "Who wouldn't?" Who the hell wants to only sell around 35,000 in their first week!? Keri even defended Ciara's statement about it not being about album sales. We all know shit is all about them album sales. But it was nice of Keri to side with Ciara and act like it doesn't. It's easy to say it's not about album sales when your shit is on the front line to get its price slashed and sell for 3 dollars on Amazon though. Basic instinct is in stores now if anybody cares.

Ciara 'unfollows' Keri Hilson AFTER remarks on her low album sales... @ Toya's world


  1. Considering how shady and cocky Keri has been in the past, I think she handled this "interview" really well. I don't think she said anything outta line :-/ Ciara needs to get it together... Charlamagne is one messy bastard though - not sure why he's getting such a kick outta her flopping? Maybe Ci took his man? lol...


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