Music video: Keri Hilson - Pretty girl rock

I don't think anybody expected this song to even get a video, let alone one which is actually decent. After Keri ran her mouth about other bitches in the game on her remix for "Turnin' me on" (like Keri is in any position to do so), it was nice to see her give props to the vets in this video. Joesphine Baker, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Janet Jackson and TLC all got given their shine.

"Pretty girl rock" is a nice song despite it sounding a little too Ne-Yo in places (I swear the dude holds guns to heads and forces artists to sing exactly as he does on any song he writes), but I can't see the song being a hit. Just watch how that hood trash "The way you love me" gets some budget ass video and ends up being a smash on the charts. I wouldn't be mad. As garbage as the song is, I can't stop playing it. ♪ Love meh, lurrve meh. It's da way ya lurrve meh. F**k meh, f**k meh! It's da way you f**k meh! ♪ It's the anthem of our generation.

I also find it funny how Keri's VEVO page for this video is promoting the premiere of Rihanna's "What's my name?" video.


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