Single art: Keri Hilson - Breaking point

Keri Hilson - Breaking point | Single art
That hair looks like it's at breaking point. Could nobody have ran a hot comb and some pink moisturiser through that shit before taking the picture!? She reminds me of Beyoncé on the 60's Etta James-ish get-up in her "Why don't you love me" video.

As for the song? I love it. But it's not lead single material. Not at the point Keri is at in her career right now. She needs a joint which is going to cut across Urban and Pop radio, and "Breaking point" won't do it. Let's see how this fares on the charts and if Interscope go and play switcheroo with the International singles. Something tells me they will. Oh...and speaking of Beyoncé: you know she would have killed it on this joint. I've been wanting Beyoncé to cut with Timbaland on solo material ever since Destiny's Child's "Get on the bus".

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