Keri and Ciara call a truce *Psssschhh!* Yeah roight!

Keri had some shit to say in her "Turnin' me on" remix about Ciara. And then Ciara hit back and took pieces out of Keri's wig with "Basi cinstinct (You got me)". After a good year of 'beef' between 2 ladies in the game who aren't that big of a deal, they Ustreamed a squash to their feud.

I'm not buying this shit. Both ladies looked as awkward as hell, and as though they were lying through their lacefronts. This whole thing felt like a stunt to try and keep these chicks pinned to the map, because both of them have had flop singles lead to album pushbacks. And it's not like the game is hotly anticipating either of their forthcoming albums.