Music video: Keri Hilson featuring Chris Brown - One night stand

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on beats by Dre headphones, Keri should have put that money towards a better wig, and left that two-tone Cruella deVil mess in the wig bargain bin.

Keri and Chris have some cool chemistry in this video. During the dance segment I was getting some strong Aaliyah and Ginuwine vibes. It was like they just jacked that choreography from "Are you that somebody". It's nice to see Keri trusts Chris Brown enough to spend the night with him alone in a deserted mechanic's garage, because not many women would. We all remember what happened the last time Chris Brown was alone with a woman in the proximity of an automobile.

"One night stand" is a boring song. But it makes a lot of sense to give it a shot at a release and to do it now whilst Chris Brown is experience a surge in popularity and has an album set to top the charts.


  1. Why the **** does this jackass look like Dennis Rodman?

  2. I didn't know Dennis Rodman sings now. :p

  3. Keri Hilson for me went from possible rival to Riri or even maybe Beyonce to some hood rat that stalks 106 and park to promote some shit she tries to pass off as music.

    Why would she make a song with Chris Brown and promote Pretty Girl Rock form her album. When everyone thinks she is some stuck up chick who got to excited with the success of The I Are.

  4. Aaliyah and Ginuwine? You might wanna check this out then...


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