Maroon 5 sing "Misery" from the rooftops

Maroon 5 perform 'Misery' for VEVO Summer sets | Live performance
Maroon 5 performed their single "Misery" on a rooftop. A f**king rooftop!! I wanna perform a song on a damn rooftop. Hopefully if Deaf Jam holla at me and let me warble over some Tricky Stewart beats, it can happen. But until that dream materializes, watch Maroon 5 do it for reals.

I don't know what is up with the band, but the way they play "Misery" lacks the energy of the album version. The chorus sounds way too muted and lacks electricity. Adam's vocals were perfect though. He seemed like the only person in attendance who had some form of energy about them. The band looked fed up. And the crowd could not have been more dead if a chopper flew past and gunned them down.