Bonus material: Hiromi - Stay in love

Hiromi - Stay in love | B-side
Hiromi is a chick I've been in love with since copping her hot debut album Rainbow. She released her second single "Aisaretai" a good while back and included three B-sides. One of which is so damn hot that I was ready to e-mail a record label as ask why the hell it wasn't put on an album.

Listen: Stay in love

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Why was this not on Rainbow!? The song is off the hook!! My only gripe with the song is that it doesn't knock as hard as it should. In the car and on a nice set of speakers the song doesn't bang like you really want it to. The kicks should be knocking hard and that snare should be striking out, but they don't. But still, the music on this is real nice, I love Hiromi's vocals and the hook is that crack.

The production on this song is too tight. It's on that Bryan Michael Cox, Eric Hudson, Rodney Jerkins vibe. I could so imagine Brandy on a joint like this.

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  1. Hiromi must translate to Heroin in English. I can't get enough of her, to be quite honest. She's dropping J-R&B embers left and right.

  2. She is that chick. I just hope she drops another album, because shit is too quiet on the Hiromi front. It's bad enough Rainbow released on such a down low tip, because that album was / still is a gem that not nowhere near enough people got to hear.


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