Bonus material: Madonna - Animal / Latte / Across the sky

Madonna - Animal / Latte | Unreleased
When Timblanad was working with Madonna he spoke a lot about one song in particular, a song which had Madonna singing about coffee, which was known in Internet land as "The coffee song". Well, now Madonna is officially released from her Warner Bros. contract demo's of hers are leaking like mad, and this "The coffee song" is one of them, alongside the song "Animal". Justin Timberlake co-wrote both songs, and as with all of the songs he cut with Madonna - they also feature his vocals.

Listen: Animal

Listen: Latte

Listen: Across the sky (second leak)

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"Animal" is hot. I can even forgive Madonna's robot like delivery because it adds to the strictly business tone of the song, and the production surrounding her is so on-point; even if it does sound like a left over joint from Chris Cornell's Scream sessions.

"Latte" isn't amazing, but I do like it. The way Timbaland was banging on about it, I was always under the impression that the song was a club banger. Not on his laid back folky vibe which sounds like a Deliverance or Simple girl demo.

This version of "Across the sky" is an odd one. Is it an unfinished version or the finalized one? This version sounds nice in its stripped down form, and Madgina fans who hate Timbaland and the busyness of some of his productions will probably prefer it to the version which leaked earlier in the year. But I liked the Timbo stank which featured on the original leak, because it had been a while since I'd heard him drop a beat so dirty. When I listened to this newer leak, it just feels like too much is missing.

These Team Timbo Hard candy leaks are better than what made the album. I still stand firm that Pharrell produced Team Timbo under an absolute bus on Hard candy. But these and "Across the sky" are hot. "Miles away" still trump them both. But they are better songs than "Devil wouldn't recognize you" and "Dance 2nite".


  1. The only one i like is "Across the Sky" i heard "Animal" before and it's just dead to me and "Latte" is dull, i turned it off after 10 seconds.
    I miss when madonna actually sand and didn't just talk over beats (like you said before).
    She needs to stop following trends like she did with "Hard Candy" and go back to Innovating.


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