Bonus material: Girls' generation - Gee (Japanese version)

Girls' generation - Gee (Japanese version) | Alternate version
Girls' generation are planning to release "Gee" as their second Japanese single, and you can hear how it sounds right here!

Listen: Gee (Japanese version - Low quality)

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"Genie" worked rather nicely in Japanese despite lacking the catchy and iconic . "Gee", not so much. The girls voices sound too high pitched. The production on the vocals was seriously lacking. And the Japanese lyrics just don't flow as well as they did in Korean. This is rather rubbish actually. The Korean version owns. We'll hear soon enough whether this version is a rough demo version and SM go to town on tightening it up for it's official release. Because as it stand, this Japanese version of "Gee" is downright ragged.


  1. I see what you mean, the Japanese version lacks the 'bounce' and 'fun' the Korean version had. I got my friends into this group via the Korean version 'cos it's so catchy, but I wouldn't try to sell this version to anyone.

    English version next? ;-)

  2. I'm still holding out for a Mandarin version of GENIE


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