Bonus material: Hikaru Utada - Colors & Letters (Wild life: Live @ Yokohama arena)

If there was a point during during Hikaru Utada's Wild life set which caught my attention in a big way it was when Hikaru performed "Colors" and "Letters". These were 2 songs I'd always loved a great deal. But I developed a whole new love for them after the amazing renditions of them Hikaru treated us all to during Wild life. Both songs were performed backed by violinists and cellists, which gave both songs an amazing sense of beauty, grandiosity and vulnerability. These are 2 songs that you will not want to pass by. So be sure to give them a listen.

Listen: Colors (Wild life: Live @ Yokohama arena)

Listen: Letters (Wild life: Live @ Yokohama arena)

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EMI really do need to consider releasing a Wild life: Live at Yokohama arena album. Because so many of Hikaru's live performances in Wild life trumped the studio album versions. Especially the stripped down performances. "Colors" gives me chills. CHILLS!!!


  1. I absolutely love Letters, its my second favourite Utada song, and this rendition is my favourite. I heard the live version of COLORS, and it was amazing as well, but you've forgotten to upload it. When I played "COLORS", it plays the same track as "Letters".

  2. I love this arrangement of Letters but I cannot get over how out of tune Utada was the whole damn night. She's never had the best voice, though it's still a voice I love, but I really do think it's being strained live.

    I find this whole concert too hard to listen to, as much as I love all the music.


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