Bonus material: Britney Spears - Scary

"Scary" is a Femme fatale bonus track which features on the Japanese release of the album only. It is produced by Taio Cruz's producer and partner in crime Fraser T Smith; who was also responsible for the Femme fatale track "Trouble for me".

Listen: Scary

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Not bad! The song would have been so much better had Fraser T Smith dialed down the effects on Britney's vocals though. She sounds so good at the beginning of the verses when everything is stripped down. But then the second the filter effects come in mid way, it's like Great! Microsoft Mary is back on the microphone. Then again this seems to have been a criteria for much of Femme fatale anyway, so what difference does it make on a bonus track!?

"Scary" is decent, but it suffers in the same way the other Femme fatale bonus tracks do, in that the middle eight section is either non-existent or complete rubbish.


  1. This song would have been a lot better if she didn't just sing about sex or wanting a guy. The whole album deals with sex to the point it gets repetitive and I also wished she sang a song that dealt with the album name like in most albums.

    I really love Ayumi's album title named songs more then her singles.


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