Music video: Kumi Koda - Inside fishbowl

Kumi obviously liked The Forehead's "Rude boy" music video so much she pretty much went and ripped that shit off.

Kumi sold her three looks to me like cold cans of mango Rubicon on a hot day. (I especially liked her street rave rat, thug thistled look at the start). But the video as a whole was so damn boring. She should have gone with something which had real sets and some big bold choreography, instead of phoning in some shit in front of a green screen whilst some dude runs every single Adobe After effects transition through the video.

I rather like the song. It's growing on me. But this video almost broke the deal for me. It's not even about her swagger jacking. But the fact she didn't do more with it.

Watch the other one: Outside fishbowl


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