Brandy on that high fashion game for 106g

Brandy's shoot for 106g magazine | Photoshoot
Brandy's shoot for 106g magazine | Photoshoot Brandy's shoot for 106g magazine | Photoshoot
Brandy's shoot for 106g magazine | Photoshoot

A lot of people have given Brandy flack for her looks. But I've always thought she was pretty. I had the biggest of crushes on her back during the Never say never days. I always liked the fact she looked different from whatever people saw as conventionally pretty (ie: your Beyoncé's). I loved that her nose was a little wider, her lips were a little bigger, her eyes were a little smaller, that her hair was done different.

The problem I find with Brandy is that she never seems to be 100% sure of which wigs, weaves, clothes and make-up styles work for her. So she ends up looking on-point on some occasions, and a damn wreck on others. This photoshoot is one of those on-point occasions. She looks fake, a little dead in the eyes and photoshopped so much that Adobe probably got cashed a cheque for this shoot. But I still think she looks hot. I like me an over glossed dead photoshoot sometimes. And whatever some may think she lacks in the looks department, she makes up for tenfold with the music. I stay stanning for Brandy like it's a way of life. I've been killing "Afrodisiac" as of late. Non-stop bumpage in the whip.

Brandy's full photo spread for 160grams @ Toya's world


  1. That third one on the right (in the middle) is kind of creepy with the eyes but hot at the same time.

    I also like the very last one. Them legs are wiiiiide open.

  2. The creepiness to these pictures is kinda what I like *lol*

    And (surprisingly) no comment on the open legs :|

  3. wait Brandy is sat with her legs open with a video camera pointing between them? LOL
    These pics are good probably the best i've seen her look although i am getting serious Jade Ewen vibes :/


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