Just because... Namie Amuro and the Super Monkey's man the gates to Para para paradise

Namie Amuro and the Super monkeys shut it down with "Try me" | Just because

Once upon a time Namiserable Amuro was in a group. Shit went how it often goes for girl groups with that one member who does everything. People stopped caring about the hoes in the background and wanted more of the one who was actually singing on the songs and rocking the outfit that had a bit more sparkle and was showing a bit mo' leg.

With Japan being a little bit more civil and honorable (sometimes) their label didn't drop the background hoes when they decided to have Namie fly solo, but instead put them into a new unit called MAX before things got out of hand and a Super monkey went at Namie's face in the dressing room with a curling iron. The act of saving background hoes was admirable, but they were never going to last when the one thing which kept them paid was making her own money. Namie dropping "Body feels exit" was the final nail in coffins.

Whilst Namie continues to enjoy a solo career, outselling every other artist on Avex trax, the background hoes had to go back to work. Anna Makino works as a tatami mat cleaner, Reina Miyauchi runs a ryokan with her husband, Nanako Takushi works part time at a family mart and Ritsuko Matsuda is in hiding with Yu Suzuki after embezzling Shenmue 3 development money.

Now let's all witness Namie Amuro delivering the 90's para para pop crack that is "Try me" back during an era when Namie Amuro was giving real life. Watch for 1:08 when Namie drops da heater.

Namie wasn't born with hair 4 feet long and thigh high boots with a heel!? Who...da f**k...KNEW!!

Don't ask me why the Super monkey's had microphones. They don't even feature on the studio recordings of songs as backing vocalists.

Namie being a bit more current and hipper than most hoes means that she couldn't be any further removed from the 90's if she stepped through a Stargate. Meanwhile, Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumi Koda still be warbling how Namie was in this video.

Namie was WORKING in the early 90's. Now, she barely barely does anything. But I still love her and she stays getting paid more than your fave despite doing 137% less than they do. I do miss hearing Namie sing though. She seems to put in less and less effort singing with each album. Every album release from Style onwards, she's gained the ability to sing in key, but gives less vocally. But still...love dis hoe.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play "Try me" for the 72nd time today and have my soul return to para para paradise.


  1. She had so much energy, nowdays she's not the same, she's not lazy or even dead... i think she really wants to take a break but avex won't let her... i still love her, she still steals some wigs, she's the queen <3

    1. all due respect... ARE YOU SHITTIN' ME?! Namie hasnt be en MORE energetic than ever! Have you even watched her latest tour dvds? Namie then looks soo dead compared to present Namie, with higher heels too XD

      Namie is srly a living legend, as recognized by the world music awards. If she wants to take a break SHES GONNA TAKE A BREAK whether Avex wants her to or not. and if they drop her, any other label will take her in a second.

      As i respect your opinion, i don't think it was very informed...

  2. WHATTTTT?! I did NOT know about this XD It's somehow amazing and funny at the same time :P As most 90's pop can be.
    LOL at the comment about the hair and *sigh* 50,000 pairs of thigh high boots Namie has her son sat at home polishing all day.
    She was giving a lot of energy in this performance she needs to bring some of that back! LOL funny that you mention Ayu because for some reason I can totally imagine her singing a slowed down version of this song.
    Didn't really mention those background b*tches did I? That's how it should be... LOL

    1. "50,000 pairs of thigh high boots Namie has her son sat at home polishing all day"

      Dying because this is exactly what he's doing while she's off touring five times a year.

  3. It's nice to see that Namie has always had that miserable swagger, and that even back in the 90's she still had bitches' wigs underneath her heels. The header image for this post has me dead. That background hoe looks like she wants to drag Namie down by her hair and scalp a bitch. Namie sounded better vocally in the 90s then she does now. LOL The name should have been Namie Amuro and the envious tramps.

  4. it's really a tragedy with her. when she actually put energy into performances her music sucked. nowadays it's the opposite case. i guess we have to settle for one thing.

  5. Well lets think about it her mother was murdered by her uncle and she had a custody battle with her ex husband for her son. of course isnt going to be happy all of the time. and you should watch some of her concerts on youtube. she is happy at those performances.

  6. ^ I agree, she enjoys performing live, even if she gets tired or sounds nasal, like in best fiction 2008!

    And pretty much yes, what happened to her, and also been on the music 20 years has to take something from you.

  7. Namie was going like the Engergizer Bunny back in the day. That was some high energy performing. Plus her vocals were surprisingly strong to me as well. I can't help but imagine that if she was whipped enough or if her Namiserable swagger levels dropped to critical levels would she revert back to her high-energy para pop dancing self in a Bayonetta like fashion.

    You know those thigh high boots and 4 foot long hair are part of her armor. It is quite obvious that Namie is a high-tech performing diva witch. That is why she doesn't have to put a lot of effort into what she does and still be successful. The girl has got magic and she has been enchanting her audience with her Namiserable mojo for over ten years now.

  8. I cant even... what the fuck are any of you talking about. clearly you haven't seen Namie since like 1997 when she didnt even dance. go watch ALL HER DVD'S AND PERFORMANCES SINCE 2000 TILL PRESENT. TEN BILLION TIMES MORE ENERGETIC THAN THIS FLOP OF A PERFORMANCE. Basic bitches in these comments need to brush up on their Namie or gtfo. Not only has her music has been more uptempo and faster but her dancing is sooo much more evolved and involved instead of the same 5 steps for the chorus like we see in this performance. Yes its a good performance but old Namie wouldnnt be able to hold a candle to Present Namie and quite frankly makes old Namie look like a basic hasbeen bitch.

    1. LOL here come the pressed Namie Amuro stans. Clearly you have been watching a different Namie because I would hardly call any of her performances energetic. The only time she has REALLY delivered an energetic performance was of Alarm at the 2004 Mtv music awards. Ask any professional dancer and they will tell you that Namie is NOT a very good dancer. Why? because she lacks energy. There is no power or passion behind her moves. She hits her marks with precision, accuracy, and ease; However, compare her dancing to someone like BoA and you can clearly see the difference between dancing with energy, and dancing like you're suffering form a terminal illness (Namie). You clearly need to brush up on your grammar because your post was a convoluted, incoherent mess. IMO this is typical Namie. It's funny to see just how much Namie has NOT grown. She sounds better vocally in this video then she does now, and the choreography given to her might be more complex now, but her dancing isn't any better.

    2. Clearly you haven't seen Live STYLE 2011, or any of her recent tours. To say that she lacks energy is completely ludicrous and false. During her performance of ROCK U, she was screaming the lyrics and jumping up and down throughout the entire number. If that's not energy and passion, I don't know what the fuck is. See also: the Live STYLE performance of UNUSUAL. Dancing like she has a terminal illness, my fucking ass.
      Her vocals have also improved exponentially over the course of her career. She sounds awful in this performance; compare this to any performance of Tempest, I WILL, or any other of her songs post-2003. She has grown in all aspects of performance, whether you would like to admit so or not.
      Stop being an uninformed cunt trying to start shit over the internet. xoxo

    3. Saying that Namie's performances lack energy is just couldn't be further from the truth. Even if it's an opinion, your opinion clearly not informed and outdated. Saying that Namie of the present doesn't have energy in her performances but Namie of the past (super monkeys to 1997 Concentration 20 live @ Tokyo Dome) IS energetic just clearly shows how out of touch you are with her performances from 2000-present.

      If all you know of Namie's 2004 Alarm performance on the MTV Music awards has to be one of the most energetically performances as of late then you are so mistaken, you clearly haven't watched the So Crazy tour, Space of Hip Pop, Best Fiction Tour, Past<Future Tour, or Live Style 2011. Namie hasn't danced with so much conviction and energy EVER and her latest effort proves that even though she's one of the oldest high performance pop acts in japan, she still has more energy than her youngest contemporaries.

      You obviously havent seen any thing of Namie beyond 1997, with the exception of her performance on MTV,if you think this is the best her voice has ever been. Ever listen to her performance of "I Will" on the So Crazy tour? yeah, shes not lip syncing, all live and pure talent. Have you listened to her performance of "All For You" on the Space of Hip Pop Tour? You clearly haven't. I could give you examples all day on how much she's improved as a vocalist from her Super Monkey days.

      Speaking of her Super Monkey days, its really funny how you find that her worst is her best and her best is her worst. If you really consider this performance good, than you have either:
      2)Have little knowledge of the subject at hand
      I think its both. You see... in this video Namie has really easy dance moves that dont require a lot of energy to be done well. This is because of two things:
      1)Shes the only one singing throughout
      2)Namie at the time wasn't so good at breath control while dancing at the time
      Because of these two things she has a different routine than the rest of the girls and it's modified so that she should sound good throughout the whole song. Well come to find out she loses breath half way though the song till the end. Now Imagine her doing the complicated dance routine for Unusual while singing without any hiccups throughout the performance. The dance yes of course is modified for a handheld mic and that she is the main vocalist, but is still on par with her dancer's energy requirements for performing the dances well and with as much conviction for, say, an easier dance like for Bad Habit. To perform at her caliber with her precision, accuracy, and ease is something many people CANNOT achieve without a massive amount of energy being used. So I'm not understanding where you or anyone else is coming up with Namie now not having any energy in her performances. Maybe its because you guys mistake a smile and teenage charm as energy.

      So you can stop trolling and acting like a know it all when you clearly know NOTHING of the subject you are arguing.

      P.S. I made this response clearer for you to read including line breaks and paragraphs since my first one was sooooo confusing for you. Sorry about that! Hope this helps

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Now before I even begin to respond to this pressed ass essay I want to clarify something: I am a fan of Namie Amuro, I have been since 2003 when I first heard Come and I have closely followed her career since then. With that being said, I'm not a deluded stan with my head so far up Namie's ass that I Can't see what's right in front of me. You clearly are making baseless assumptions, and contorting what I said. I didn't say that Alarm was the only performance that I have ever seen by Namie, I said it was Imo her BEST. She danced with conviction and energy that I had never seen from her before, and I have yet, to this day, seen her deliver a performance of that caliber. Also, I never said that I thought Namie of the super monkeys had energy, I believe I said it's the SAME Namie, and that NOT MUCH has changed. What I did say is that I thought she sounded better vocally here then she does now, and I stick by that.

      I have seen footage from all of her tours, and I have not seen the Namie that you're speaking of. I find that she often sounds so different live, then she does on the studio recording because her voice is so filtered. I saw footage from her Live Style tour, and she sounded Nasal and tired for a majority of the tour.

      With Namie's performance of Alarm I was speaking of the performance overall, not just the vocals. I have seen Namie perform I will, Baby Don't cry, and other ballads, and while she performed them well, her vocal ability was pretty much the same from her super monkey days. Namie isn't known for her vocal prowess or range anyway. Her range is limited, and the tone of her voice is thin.

      Namie is not the greatest dancer and she isn't the greatest vocalist, and I will not have you or anyone tell me otherwise. Her movements are lifeless and she dances with about as much conviction and energy as a dead goldfish. That being said, This is what draws me to Namie the most. She has an Idgaf swag that only she can pull off.

      I don't expect you to know where I'm coming from because you're a deluded stan that will lap up whatever shit Namie plops in front of you.

    6. I think Namie is better now than she was in the 90's. Even though songs like How to Be a Girl are my jam...she puts more into her concerts now than she did when she was early in her career. As far as dancing goes, I don't consider her a "dancer", she can hit the marks but she doesn't do more than that because she focuses on singing live. I believe she said that if dancing will affect her singing then she won't dance.

  9. The funny thing is that three of the former Super Monkeys gained a member and became MAX, which in the '90s were the most popular girl group (second only to SPEED, though). Things have been pretty rocky/dormant for them since 2002, though.

    And given that Anna Makino is the daughter of the principal of the Okinawa Actor's School (and works there in some capacity I don't remember offhand), I don't think she's struggling, lol.

  10. Wow! Who knew this thread would turn into WWIII based on a few harmless comments about Namie Amuro. I will be the first to admit that I have not seen much of Namie's live performances and tours. I just got her Play tour the other day in the mail and have yet to watch it. I have been a fan of her's since 2003, but I have only kept up with her musically. I have all of her albums up to the present and have seen a good bit of her PVs, but apparently that doesn't qualify me to have an opinion of her, or make a joking comment about an old video without being verbally assaulted or called a "basic bitch".

    People who take things that seriously need to find a chair facing a dark corner of a room where they can stare at a wall and reflect on how sad that their lives must be because they are so deluded and obsessed with a person that they can't hear any form of criticism about their goddess of J-Pop. As much as I love Crystal Kay, I will be damned if I am going to waste that much energy going off on someone for saying something negative about her. I could have sworn we have the right to freedom of speech, and people who don't like what is said can:

    A) Ignore it.
    B) Read it and move on.
    C) Respectfully agree to disagree.

    I'll even throw in a 4th option

    D) Take your ass somewhere else where everyone agrees with you if you can't handle a difference of opinion!

    I am sure that none of those options sound appealing to less reasonable people, but I have done my part by leading the horse to water. I can't make it drink.

    1. There's a difference between taking criticism of an artist you admire and forming a rebuttal to someone bashing them (doing so does not automatically mean you "can't handle a difference of opinion," either. Refuting someone's comment while giving examples of why you think they are wrong =/= bawwing about how almighty someone is). Saying someone dances "like she has a terminal illness" is incredibly rude and unnecessary. It is my choice to respond to such comments, just as it is yours.

      PS, pleasepleaseplease get off your high horse. <3 Debate exists because of differing opinions. Just because we choose to argue against them with our own does not mean we can't handle others' views.

    2. PREACH! Deluded Stans, your wigs have been snatched. Now take your ass back to a Namie Amuro forum where you and all her other deluded stans can give her ass a good licking.

    3. YES you are a basic BITCH because you literally are! You even admitted it! you only have her music and YOU JUST GOT the play tour in the mail the other day and have yet to watch that flawfree performance. NAMIE AMURO is not only about the music but also her performance. you cant just listen to the music and neglect the performance. They are made to be appreciated together as a package. and for you to just listen to the music makes you a basic bitch because that's all you have done, listened to the basics...which is the music part of her artistry.

      Yes i know we are freaking out because of a couple harmless comments about Namie... "dancing like you're suffering form a terminal illness (Namie)" OKAY THATS HARMLESS...jk, no. Mel R is just a fucking trolly cunt and she knows it. That comment was rude and uncalled for.

      I can take anyone's opinion and criticism for Namie ANY DAY. I just cannnot tolerate stupid ones like she lifeless and has no energy. When clearly none of you have seen her since the turn of the millennium.

      Im going to have to reject your 4 options and present mine now

      1) get a clue
      2)start catching up with Namie before you make uninformed statments about her in public
      3)get over yourself and stop acting like you are so above all of these despite commenting with your words of useless wisdom.
      4)stay off the internet


    4. Really and calling someone a basic bitch isn't rude and unnecessary? I love how only the people who are disagreeing that Namie is the greatest thing since slice bread are the ones who are unnecessarily rude. The tone had been set by Takufox who chose to disrespectfully disagree, so I responded appropriately.

    5. The irony in you someone calling someone a basic bitch, when your fave is about as a basic as they come. I think we all see who the troll is here, and btw I'm not a she. Making baseless assumptions once again. That comment was made in a tongue and cheek manner. Get a fucking grip on reality. Seriously, I will never understand why people are so invested in a celebrity whom you will never meet, and has little to no impact on your life. Save your passion and aggression for debating shit that matters like poverty, injustice, and the economy.

    6. I personally have nothing to do with what Takufox says, nor have I claimed to agree with his opinions and actions.
      And no one's saying she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Literally no one. I know she's not the greatest artist out there, but I happen to admire her work immensely. It's something I enjoy. That's all. I chose to respond to you because I don't feel the same way about her performances being "lifeless." It's escalated to the point where it's just fucking stupid now.
      I'm out, yo.

      And I apologise if you feel I've been especially rude, but honestly I felt the same about you. Rudeness only garners more rudeness.

    7. No, I wasn't even being rude to start with. Then you, Mel R who suddenly grew a penis just to prove me wrong, appears out of no where to be a cunt in a "tongue and cheek" manner, when you where clearly being a cunt just to be a cunt.

      No fucks are given about your feelings and if i was rude because you started it. I have a grip on reality, clearly you dont, you probably saw like a cheap Namie impersonator singing her songs in Chinese for all i know, and it seems that way too. This argument was about Namie's energetic performances, not about how i think shes the greatest thing since sliced bread, because quite frankly she isnt.... Madonna is.

      You cant handle the truth about Namie because your busy sucking Ayu's floppy tranny cock. Thus making it impossible for you to see talent and energy being put in a performance.

      Get your facts straight and know what you are actually arguing for next time sweetheart AND COME CORRECT.

    8. "because quite frankly she isnt.... Madonna is"

      Jesus Christ, get out.

      Reading through your posts reminds me of a four year old throwing a tantrum; at this point everything you post is just making you look worse to EVERYBODY in here, leave.

    9. why? you mad you mad because Ayu isnt the best? sorryy no one likes things made of cheap chinese plactic. People want real woman like Namie and Madonna and Koda Kumi and Lady Gaga. dtop being so butt hurt everyone gosh. am i the only one not taking this seriously at all. fucking get a grip clearly im a troll.

      wahhhh go cry about it to mommy because i bullied you and made you all rage quit and time time making elaborate paragraphs trying to prove me wrong. Too bad Namie is flawfree and doesnt need anyone to defend her, since shes doing pretty fine without you. All you are butthurt weaboos and thats all you guys will ever be on this terrible blog made by a pretentious black faggot from the UK that gets paid to suck cock.

      U MAD BRO?

    10. It's fine if you want to come on a blog and act like an ignorant troll, but calling someone a "faggot" is really uncalled for. If you want to argue about something as trivial as the energy of someones performances at least do it intelligently.

    11. It's futile to actually respond back killertune, just leave him alone.

      Also, on the "weaboo" and "faggot" comments; Here's his Jpop and gay porn blog.


    12. YEP! YOU FOUND MY GAY PORN AND WEEABOO BLOG SOO PROUD OF YOU! WHAT ELSE CAN YOU FIND FAG? You must be so proud of yourself you know how to use google, so does my grandmother. have any more interesting tricks? the onlything you have going that is interesting is how much of a faggot you are. all your insults and shit are IRRELEVANT TO ME! you where all flawlessly trolled by the the every so famous TAKUFOX!

      Stay pressed bitches.

      Goodnight Fanclubbers i love each and everyone of your faggot asses. may the the invisible man in the sky send even more faggots to join my fanclub

  11. LOL I love Namie but these crazy stans need to get a clue, I've never gotten why anybody goes crazy for her tours when she looks like a swagged out Zombie on prozac dragging herself lethargically around the stage.
    She hits the marks but that's it, Ayu and Kumi's tours are way more entertaining and not just because of the pimped out stages and stuff, even CK's last tour was amazing.

    1. get a grip and stop snorting bath salts, because those bath salt induced hallucinations your witnessing of Namie are fucked up and distorting your perception of reality.



    2. How about I stop sniffing bath salts and you stop sniffing Namie's ass hole? Or if you can't stop go do it somewhere else maggot.

    3. Why should i stop sniffing Namie's asshole? Its perfectly bleached and smells like fragrant fresh roses. I dont understand how you think calling me a maggot was going to effect me much because quite frankly its your maggot attack was not very effective. You should go shit and your hand and eat it. You can snort some bath salts before hand so it wont be so gross to you. most likely you will think its the best chocolate ever. Then after you can fuck a horse and drink its cum. Not like this is much of a challenge or venture for you because you do this on a weekly basis. which explains your shitty fucking perception of the goddess known as Namie Amuro.

      Pleasepleaseplease stop licking Ayu's radioactive cheaply painted asshole and get the the fucking program and shutthefuckup.

    4. I had to stop sniffing the bath salts anyway, looks like you sniffed them all when you were watching those Namie tours lmao...
      P.S I'm sure Ayu's asshole is anything but cheap, it probably costs more to maintain than Namie's child.


    5. Awww your confused again. still retard... this is blogspot not twitter you stupid ghetto coon.

      Its good news that you are off bath salts, what are you on now? Crack? Do you smoke it with your mom? You know that's why you came out a little slow right?

      At any rate, your uninspired comebacks and attempts to insult me have once again... FLOPPED like Ayu's passed 5 albums. Sorry bout it bb. :( <3

      P.s. Haruto is perfect, which is why it doesnt take much money to maintain him. Unlike Ayu, who's rapid aging has mad her frequent the plastic surgeon's office so much they actually give her discounts and coupons for being their best and favorite plastic patient.

  12. This whole putting one artist down to affirm your love for another one thing is really stupid. Like who you like and be done with it.

  13. I'm a BIG FAN on Namie, i'm a fan of her work and her way of life, i RESPECT her for everything she's done in her career and how she broke that stigma of being a single mother and keep being a sucesfull artist in japan.

    BUT, this is kind of sad to read... I was here last night and they were 13 comments, and now 34, and from those new 20, 16 are about Namie being a 'non dancer' 'good performer' or even 'basic bitch with no passion'.


    Oh, also, i'm not hating, but.... TAKE THAT CK FANBOYS/GIRLS HERE IN RANDOM JPOP, Namie has the new record of most comments :)

    1. You forgot to mention that 8 are from a deluded stan, who's existence must be so miserable that they have to come on blogs and stir up arguments.

    2. MY EXISTENCE IS FABULOUS AND FULL OF FAGGOTS LIKE YOURSELF MEL R. You by far are the tranniest of them all. you dont need to go replying to other ppl's comments to prove how much of an annoying tranny cunt you are. Love you honey and stay pressed <3

      @FokinRG, im glad you know thats up, and is the only person with dignity and respect from the start. Too bad your peers are weeaboo fan girls of Ayumi Hamafloppy and they think she's god and they are active posters on this terrible armpit of the internet called... AHSfourm.com

      arm yourself with knowledge

  14. @Anonymous

    "There's a difference between taking criticism of an artist you admire and forming a rebuttal to someone bashing them (doing so does not automatically mean you "can't handle a difference of opinion," either. Refuting someone's comment while giving examples of why you think they are wrong =/= bawwing about how almighty someone is). Saying someone dances "like she has a terminal illness" is incredibly rude and unnecessary. It is my choice to respond to such comments, just as it is yours.

    PS, pleasepleaseplease get off your high horse. <3 Debate exists because of differing opinions. Just because we choose to argue against them with our own does not mean we can't handle others' views."

    Everything that you said to me was uncalled for because my comment was never directed at anyone other than takufox. Since his comment immediately followed mine, I felt as if it was directed at me. I hardly believe that calling someone a "basic bitch" is part of a respectful rebuttal. I have nothing to do with the debate that you or even Mel R was having up to that point. If you want to say that I am on a high horse for calling someone out on their disrespectful behavior, then so be it. I will sit on this horse all day if it means that I don't have to trudge around in the dirt with the likes of takufox.

    I have no problem with anyone refuting a comment and even defending an artist that they respect, but as people, we need to learn to respect each other in the process. Takufox is being a complete troll, and because of that he does not deserve to be here, and he is not worth any more of my time. I deal with kids enough to know not to play their reindeer games, especially when they resort to slander and name calling. I apologize if you thought I was referring to everyone who was defending Namie. It was not my intention to make you or any other civilized member of this forum feel insulted. I just have zero tolerance for disrespecting others when it comes to relaying your opinion, which everyone is entitled to.

    If this warrants any more criticism from you or anyone else, then so be it because I am not here to fight. I just want to hear the latest news about artists from the East and the West from my favorite blogger and podcaster, Random J. Life is too short to waste it dealing with foolishness.

    1. Still acting like you are above it all I see.

      its cute how you are so articulate in what you write here on this shitty blog. You sureeeee are on one of the highest horses I've ever seen and i wonder how you even get up there.

      Well Lemme tell you something. STOP BEING AN UPPITY CUNT! You are clearly a closeted fat lesbian trying to make people feel stupid with your long and often substance-less paragraphs. You get all offended over things that HAD NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH YOU, then get mad when you get pwnd. The you and Mel R try to tag team us with loop arguments that have no base or informed opinions made WHATSOEVER. Then you are like, well thats my opinion btwdubz this is the internet and no fucks are given EVER about your opinion, my opinion, Mel's transsexual porn, or this blog.

      If you are soo pressed on time to be commenting and writing to TROLLS then pleasepleaseplease SHUT THE FUCK UP and go back to work sucking your mom's dirty asshole and watching your cunt sister's 50 million little shit head children.

      Okay lil lesbian, nice pwning you. AND FOREVER STAY PRESSED. And always rememeber that Takufox ALWAYS LOVES YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE A CLOSETED FAGGOT.

      Till next time, have a nice day fanclubers
      -Takufox <3

  15. @TakuFox is such a lil bitch lmao... Please go back to your basement full of Namie Amuro memorabilia and leave the grown ups alone...

    1. Aww sweetie, your underestimating me... I HAVE A WHOLE HOUSE FULL OF NAMIE AMURO MEMORABILIA! You jelly? of course you are. Bitch, the grown ups are on CNN not this floppy blog. Have you realized that this owner of this blog is a total troll. You clearly don't even read their posts. nothing but pretentious douchey remarks about flawfree people that this little power bottom faggot nigger blow owner wishes he could be.

      STAY PRESSED CUNT! And Stop embrassing yourself and being a total flop with our comments and "tell offs". Its almost too floppy, it sorta makes me feel embarassed for you.

      Love you sweetie <3, and all my fanclubbers, with out your rage, i wouldn't be here right now! MUWAH!
      xoxoxox- Takufox

    2. I love how you keep calling people faggots when you couldn't sound more like a ghetto hoodrat faggotron 3000 if you were wearing a dress made of Beyonce's crusty weaves and dripping in Gaga's menstrual blood...
      Get a grip you're either a troll yourself or somebody who needs to go back to school and sort their head out. SERIOUSLY... I dunno whether to laugh at you or throw some spare change at you... or both.

    3. Sorry to keep y'all waitin.

      Wow thats a good outfit idea, thanks bb! you are just so creative and classy! :D

      I have a tight grip on the world and i would love if you do too, especially when talking about Namie... THE QUEEN OF JPOP! THE ONE THAT HAS SOOOO MUCH POWER, SWAGGER, AND STACKS HER MONEY SO HIGH THAT BASIC CUNTS LIKE YOU HAVE TO HIRE A WINDOWWASHER LIFT TO GET TO THE TOP.

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      Please do what your name says and STOP IT...FAGGOT.

  16. *facefloor*

    the palm is not sufficient

    It seems a few cyber bullies (aka trolls) aren't aware that in recent years people (bloggers and site owners especially) screenshot posts and report them accordingly more than ever before. In most cases the authorities get involved.

    In the U.S. and other places around the globe, the authorities (if notified) are notorious for secretly tracking a persons IP address and keeping records of what they post on the internet. They then share the information with the offenders' family and the institutions they are a part of (schools, colleges, places of work, etc.). Keep that in mind.

    I don't think J could be bothered with all of that but who's to say the other people who frequent this blog will not report internet misconduct?

    Trolls beware.

  17. i knoooooow you're joking about MAX because in spite of being on hiatus AGAIN because one of the hoes got pregnant they still break that shit down and get their pussies a-popping in their music videos while namie serves us that zombie swagger.


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