Kylie performs "Get outta my way" back home in Oz

Kylie performs 'Get outta my way' on Hey hey, it's Saturday! | Live performance
When Kylie's Aphrodite megamix leaked, it was unanimous that "Get outta the way" had the makings of a hit and that it needed to be a single. And much to the delight of fans, it was confirmed as the second release off of Kylie's return to form that is Aphrodite.

The way Kylie is rolling this shit out, you would think this was Aphrodite's lead single! She's performed this song more times than she performed "All the lovers" already.

Kylie had better work in that music video. I want to see a her getting low, grinding up on a fluorescent light and dancing her way through people, tables and chairs how she was in "Spinning around". I know Kylie's movement game hasn't quite been the same since she got hit with 'teh cancer'. But she was grinding on her knees and thrashing hair pieces in that "Wow" video. So clearly the woman's got some moves in her. She best throw it back.

She best not fall off with the video. It'd be such a shame for such a hot song to get a whack video. But given how Kylie seems to be on point with Aphrodite thus far, I don't think she's in the business of making the same mistakes she did with X.

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  1. YES! The video is gonna be amazing i can tell :P
    Kylie is taking no prisoners with this album and "Get Outta My Way" is gonna be MASSIVE.

    p.s yes Kylie is HOT ;p lol


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