Christina Milian and The Dream leave that love on a jagged ass rock

The happy couple | 'shopped by J ;P
The Dream and Christina Milian's marriage had reportedly been on the rocks for a good while. But now it's been well and truly ultra combo'd up against a rock like Killer instinct.

We could see this as doom and gloom. But clearly The Dream don't think so, as he's happily kicking it with another woman already. And as far as I'm concerned Christina's cloud has nothing but a Tiffany & Co silver lining. She will be able to divorce The Dream and get paid from AM to PM. PAID!! Them child support cheques will be more than any record label would have been able to have offered her as an album advance (which wouldn't have been much anyway, because don't no record label believe in that girl). Christina should be hitting Louboutins and Kitson to celebrate! This shit means she'll get to enjoy The Dream's money (of which there is lots) and not have to f**k him on a regular basis to get it.

I wondered how the two of them ended up together in the first place. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I'm not trying to throw 'the U word' around when it comes to The Dream. But Christina could have done better. MUCH better. When your man is looking more pregnant than you when you're 10 months gone, that's when you know shit ain't right. And when your man is kicking it at Lakers games with Ciara whilst you're sat at home with a baby sucking the life out of your titty and a dude couldn't have left some Ben & Jerry's or some Ranch in the fridge for a home girl to snack on for energy; then you need to be regulating.

The Dream is an idiot. Because a chick as hot as Christina is not going to get with him again. Dudes like The Dream get 'that' complex which has a guy think that because they got with one girl so fine, they can just play the field and get any girl that's just as fine, if not better - instead of thinking about how lucky he is to have gotten a girl so fine in the first place and that he should treasure her. He upgraded from Nivea to Christina, and somewhere along the way whilst his career was going from strength to strength he felt he could have some good ass cake and eat it too.

Christina may not be blameless though. I don't want to be cynical (despite it often being what I do best) but there seemed to be something so un-genuine about her relationship with The Dream from the start. The way they were pictured out and about and playing it up for the cameras on each occasion, that ghetto mess of a shoot they did for Vibe magazine... I feel like Christina might have been running a game herself. If she did, then props to her. The Dream loses a fine woman and losts of money. Christina gets cheques for life. Chick should re-release "Dip it low" and change that hook to...
Dip it low, pick it up sloowww
Roll it all around, do it right, you won't be broke
Pop...pop...pop that thang
I'mma show ya how ta make yo' man pay LOADS!
I'm not even going to give the 'It's so sad the child has their parents split-up' speech. Because there's no reason why The Dream can't still be a father to his child. And as long as Christina fulfils that good mother role: that child won't want for anything. It's idealistic to many that a two parent home is the only way to raise a child, but it isn't. As long as their is nothing but love within the home of which a child is raised, they'll make it through just fine. And there's no doubt Christina will provide that for her daughter.

Well, I guess that's Christina Milian's album pushed back indefinitely. And no doubt the album title won't stay as Elope.

The Dream and Alicia Keys should form a record label: Martial killa records.


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