Crystal Kay set to Spin the music in December

Crystal Kay is set to release her 9th studio album Spin the music on December 8. So it's looking like fans won't have to wait until 2011 for a new album after all, but can usher in the new year with some new CK! As I post this, the tracklist is yet to be released. So it's unknown whether "Time of love" and "Cannonball" will appear on the new album, although it's highly likely.

Crystal also plans to tour with the new album, playing 10 dates around Japan. With any luck we'll get a DVD release of said tour, because Crystal's live game has come a long way. Even in the short space of time between Color change! and her Anniversary tour, Crystal's stepped up her swagger game and is even beginning to work some waist and some p***y into her routines.

I'd love to think Crystal could shut down the Oricon charts with this new album, but I doubt she'll even make a dent unless the week is clear from a Johnny's or an Avex release, and Epic have a Godzilla sized blimp promoting the album hover across Shibuya's scramble crossing. Crystal starred in a J-drama featuring a couple of Johnny's, currently has two new songs featuring in a drama starring the ever popular Aya Ueto, released a nice little mini album preceded by a potential pop smash of a single 4 months ago, and nobody in Japan cared.

I'm going to need Spin the music to be fire. Because as much as I liked Color change!, I honestly didn't play that album all that much in comparison to All yours which I still play from start to finish.


Nait Phoenix said…
I kinda hope we get another banger like Flash in that album, or, better, Flash itself!
Frederick said…
Can they at least put "Hold On" on it? That song never did come out in HQ, to my recollection.
FUTURESTARdelux said…
WOO just in time for Christmas lol I think she's doing the right thing releasing a kind of ballad first especially at that time, it might hopefully do well.
I agree with @Frederic i NEED "Hold On" on the album and now i'm gonna go back to praying for that propper English album from CK lol
Beruda said…
Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!! Hold On is listed as the B-side single of Journey on CD Japan. I think I saw it listed on YesAsia too. So there's a chance it might be on the new album. But anyway Yippeeeeee!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hold on is being released?!?!? I can't wait to see what else she has in store!! Although that Avex Trax whore Ayumi is releasing a new album on the Twenty Second of december, with a bunch of unecessary bull shit to go along with it, so I doubt Crystal's album will stay on the Oricon charts very long.