Tid bits on Hikaru Utada's Single collection vol. 2

Hikaru Utada's 'Single collection vol. 2' | New release info
The official album cover is yet to be revealed. But this promotional pic above is circulating in its place. It could well end up being the album cover. At least we now know what it was Hikaru was shooting in Shibuya back in May.

The compilation will be 2 discs, with the new material more than likely featuring on the second. The collection of songs is looking killer...

  1. Dareka no negai ga kanau koro | 誰かの願いが叶うころ
  2. Be my last
  3. Passion
  4. Keep tryin'
  5. This is love
  6. Boku wa kuma | ぼくはくま
  7. Flavor of life ~Ballad version~
  8. Beautiful world
  9. Kiss & cry
  10. Heart station
  11. Stay gold
  12. Prisoner of love
  13. Beautiful world -PLANiTb acoustica mix-

Even though Hikaru Utada's singles from Ultra blue onwards didn't shut down power grids in Tokyo as her singles from First love, Distance and Deep river did; I think the songs themselves were stronger. "This is love" was f**king amazing, I could not play "Heart station" any more if I tried, and we all know about how Hikaru shut that shit down with "Passion".

Sadly, there'll be no CD + DVD release of this album. I guess it's to be expected. It's not something Toshiba or EMI music have ever done with regularity as AvexTrax have. And I'm sure the reason for the decision is so that Single clip collection vol. 5 can be released at a later date.

Single collection vol. 2 will be released on November 24. Avex will probably have Avex slave 021078 drop a brand new studio album and DVD release of her Rock 'n' roll circus tour on the same day.


  1. YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! these are the songs that made me a hikki-stan! and i'm SUPER excited about the new material! i swear this just made my weekend!

  2. I do love that pic of her, she looks great and the sort of 'whoosh' effect (don't know the technical term, sorry!) is a nice touch too.

    And I agree with you about the songs; her earlier song broke records, but her newer material will always be the stuff I turn to listen to first.

    Can't wait till the 2nd disc tracklist is announced!

  3. I love that picture! it looks so carefree... i don't know it's just so cool and Hikki looks gorgeous.
    Wouldn't it be AMAZING if the second disc was like a new album like Kumi did with "Universe"?

    I agree with @lithidarkstorm i love all her other songs but it#s really from "Ultra Blue" & "Heart Station" that i got into her, "Heart station" is my favourite album from her and it's in my top 5 albums ever.

    p.s LOL I have a feeling Avex won't have Ayu drop the same day as Utada this time.

  4. I wish they would include the English singles. Maybe on the second CD? Nevertheless, can't wait for the new songs!


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