Kumi's debut performance of "Lollipop" on Music station

Kumi Koda's debut performance of 'Lollipop' on Music station | Live performance
Kumi delivered her debut performance of her single "Lollipop". Kumi's performances usually pop live, but something was missing here. Aside from a decent song and an outfit that didn't look like a Topshop / Topman delivery threw up on her.

This performance was as dry as the beach the music video was filmed on. And why did the back-up dancers look like snu-snu women from Amazonia!?

The infliction of them whips that Avex be cracking on a ho's back are starting to show now. Kumi's vocals were okay, but not great. And Kumi was dancing as though her heart wasn't in it.

When Kumi is not relishing an opportunity to act a skank ho on stage to a song which really does call for it - you know something is wrong. I'm already done with "Lollipop". I'm going to need Kumi to "Inside fishbowl" it from here on out.

The music videos: Lollipop | Inside fishbowl | Outside fishbowl
Listen to 'em all: Kumi's 5 track Gossip candy release


  1. ugh what is Avex's problem?! it's like they are set on slowly killing all their artists (besides Queen Ayumi obviously) first BoA turned into a zombie and now Kumi on the way!
    Shit that seriousluy pisses me off i need Kumi to be sluttin it up to the power of ten! ~_~

    Why don't SL(AVEX) just let them take a year off or something...

  2. I can't beleive she was saying "bullet, bullet" I thought she was saying booty, booty or something to that affect. LMAO

    The first thing she needs to do is either learn how to speak english or STOP using english altogether. So sad yet funny at the same time ^_^.

    And this song is terrible, who ever wrote it just phoned it in.


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