Hurricane Venus shows leg

The hurricane Venus | Promo shot
We know the K-Pop game rolls. We get new concept photo's drop every other day up until the new music video drops mere days before the album, and then the onslaught begins on Music bank and Inkigayo. BoA won't be getting no break any time soon. I hope she keeps that prozac in her handbag.

This picture of BoA is hot, because it shows leg. That is all. I'm still not feeling her looking like some thing you'd shoot a bow and arrow at from a Legend of Zelda game.

BoA is also set to release a new music video which will act as her 'big main' from her Hurricane Venus album. SM entertainment have been in talks with James Cameron's crew to gain access to the gear they used to film Avatar. Yup. BoA's new music video will be in 3D.

Oddly enough the SNSD-bots "Tell me your wish genie" will be in 3D too. No idea if they're shooting a new video or just 3D'ing up the old one, or why they're going back to that video at all. But fans will be able to watch those girls Genie leg it in 3D.

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