Alex da Kid working with Britney

Britney's massive attack | 'shopped by J ;P
Hotly in demand producer Alex da Kid has been roped in to work on Britney Spears' seventh studio album and has already hit the studio with her.

Alex da Kid is notable for his work on Nicki Minaj's "Massive attack" and has seen his popularity sky rocket as a result of B.o.B and Eminem's success with their hits "Airplanes" and "Love the way you lie" respectively. If he managed to get joints on Britney's album, it'd be a good look. Nothing quite helps a Hip-hop producer cross over like clocking studio time with Pop's household name. It did wonders for The Neptunes and Danja; both of whom gave Britney two notable songs in her career. Both of which I don't think any fan knee deep in love for the Urban music scene is ashamed to say they like.

I'm genuinely looking forward to Britney's new album and I've never looked forward to a Britney album before. Word through the wire is that Britney will be reverting back to the sound of Blackout for this new album. I hope so. Because if the producers can match that sound with a set of vocals from Britney where she actually sounds like her heart is in it - she could be onto another winner. Who am I kidding? It'd be nothing but a winner, because Britney don't do losses. Who do people think this bitch is: Christina Aguilera!?

Britney Spears hits the studio with Alex Da Kid @ Toya's world (via The prophet blog)