The airing of Britney's Femme fail tour

A leg of Britney's Femme fatale tour will be airing this November on premium US TV channel Epix. I wouldn't even pay to watch this on pay-per-view let alone see it live. If I pay money to see a tour on TV or live at a venue, I want to see a show. A proper one with some live singing and some serious stage swagger and throw down. Britney gives none of the above. All she manages to do is look good.

You'd be better off just throwing her last 3 albums into a playlist and listening to it with one of the psychedelic Windows media visualizations. Same difference.

This trailer looked underwhelming as hell. I guess the guys in the editing gallery couldn't muster enough footage of Britney actually doing something on stage to make a half decent trailer: hence why in 80% of the footage showed her standing on a lift and sat in a chair. Bitch done fell off. But she's still making money (for her Daddy) so props to her.


  1. The only thing that caught my attention was the flash of pink cameras/phones in the audience shot :p


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