Girls' generation's Sunny performs Britney's "3"

SNSD's Sunny performs Britney's '3' | Live performance

Tiffany was my first fave in Girls' generation. But she got sidelined for Sunny after I watched her wrestle down some frail anonymous K-Pop hoes on national TV. Then Tiffany weren't a damn thing.

Sunny doesn't have to do a great deal to keep my affection. But she does so anyway. Little things making her 5 seconds in a Girls' generation music video count. And ever so slightly bigger things, like performing covers of Britney Spears songs about threesomes and being a slut.

She mimed the whole thing. The dancing was garbage. Sunny looked like she had less life in her than Britney did in the "3" video herself. But somehow...I still found the whole thing amazing, because Sunny did it. I'm crazy and I'm in-denial.  But I just love this tramp. To Sunny's greater credit - she kept things in the true spirit of the pop star formerly known as Britney. With all the lip syncing, lifeless flouncing on stage and all.

Sio. Bitch you know I love you. Not like I love Sunny. But I do love you.


  1. lifeless flouncing loll at least she wasn't wearing fishnets XD.
    Love you too bitch X

  2. ugh the fan base of these girl groups are really beginning to piss me off. Hardly any of the members of any of the girl groups in Korea can hold their own individually, and as a group they're sub par at best. I think BoA needs to make another Korean come back and scalp all these hoes. They need to see what actual dancing is because from what I'm seeing, not one of these hoes has sh*t on Boa. I'm not just talking about SNSD, I mean all these lifeless, talent-less, robotic bitches in the Korean music industry.


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