VMA 2011: Britney's tribute (aka the commercial break for the Mr. Gaga and Beyoncé show

Britney Spears' tribute @ 2011 VMA's | Live performance

Britney was tributed at the VMA's this year. Although none of the people in attendance (even Britney herself) seemed to look into it or felt she deserved it. Kim Kardashian was sat thinking But this bitch has not done a damn thing but perform a hot mess since In the zone!? The tribute was cool. But it was overshadowed by Gaga's intro to it and then the Beyoncé performance which came after it.

This tribute was pretty cool because each of those girls involved did an amazing job of not only nailing some of Britney's iconic music videos and choreography, but doing it at the speed of which they did it. It also made you realize just how much of a legacy Britney has managed to amass over the course of her career, and that she was defining moments in pop history from day one.

But tragedy strikes when you think of the husk that we have now. It's sometimes difficult to comprehend it's the same girl we're witnessing on the screens behind the dancers in this tribute. Because Britney has given us pretty much nothing over the past three years. Certainly nothing her contemporaries couldn't give us and are giving us.

Congrats to her though. It's just a shame she's dropped down so many levels that she's not even remotely close to any point she was at in her career before. And that she didn't even have it in her to perform within her own tribute. But she looked hawt. Seemed to have some life in her. And her weave was the best its looked in some time.

The whole thing felt so half-arsed and unnecessary. MTV probably feel they owe Britney (they do) hence this tribute. But if you're going to do a tribute, do it properly. MTV should have dedicated an MTV icon show to her if they wanted to honour her. Not make it a segway into a Beyoncé performance, which is all this 'tribute' pretty much was.

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  1. But tragedy strikes when you think of the husk that we have now.

    I don't know why but I busted out laughing when I read the word "husk". XD

  2. *takes deep breath*... *Get's over how pressed over Britney you and @Junlee always are*

    1. Gaga just completely ruinned that for me, she always has to make EVERYTHING about her... even a frickin Britney Spears tribute! With her Annie Lennox jackin self... and when she tried to kiss Britney you could tell Brit was like O_o
    LMFAO when she was like "I already did that... " with who?! oh yeah MADONNA haha gutted FRAUDga.
    Gaga is even worse looking as a man, she looked like Jordan Bratmans ugly brother...

    2. Although i think MTV does owe Britney a tribute after all the iconic performances/video's she's done in her amazing career i think this was just not up to scratch.
    It was cute and the dancers were great but it's just basically Glee's Britney episode on fast forward, For the highest selling female of the decade and somebody as iconic as Britney you'd think they would pull out something worthwhile and not use it as an intro for... Bey fuckin once.

    3. Even though I'm sure most Britney fans wish she was performing like she used to we should be glad that she was such an amazing performer for so long rather than hating on her for how she is now.


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