Miss A perform their debut single on June 4th's Inkigayo

Miss A perform 'Good girl, bad girl' at Inkigayo | Live performance
Miss A hit up Inkigayo to perform their debut song "Good girl, bad girl". Their performance wasn't terrible. But as with the music video you weren't really left with much of an impression other than "Oh look, one of the girls' has pink hair". Which isn't even that big of a deal given P!nk and Gwen Stefani already bought that t-shirt and that dye kit years ago.

You could see all of the girls hit a point where they thought "F**k we're going too hard with the dancing and it's making it hard to sing!" But this is something they'll adjust to and work around in good time. They weren't exuding as much swagger as they did in their music video, but again, this is something they'll get in good time. Overall this was a good performance. It's always interesting to watch a K group debut and wonder how they gradually get better with each stage performance. I'm sure Miss A level up quickitty split. They are rolling with JYP after all.


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