Kelly Rowland slays "Commander" and Kasabian on Radio 1's live lounge

Kelly Rowland's Radio 1 live lounge | Live performance
Kelly Rowland did a Radio 1 live lounge and drop kicked some bitches in their vagina's. She performed an acoustic version of her hit song "Commander" and performed n unlikely cover of Kasabian's "Underdog". I didn't think neither of this could work, but Kelly did here what she's been doing ever since "When love takes over" went number 1: Proved everybody wrong.

Kelly performs Commander @ Kelly performs "Commander" @ Radio 1's live lounge

Kelly performs Kasabian's "Underdog" @ Radio 1's live lounge

Her cover of Kasabian's "Underdog" was great. She really made it her own. I'm calling for it to be a bonus track on her forthcoming album. But as great as her cover was, her performance of "Commander" is what did it for me. Her vocals sounded really strong, and I loved how she handled her notes. I had no idea Kelly had it like this vocally, and I've played Ms. Kelly front to back and seen her do her thing live.

Amazing stuff from both Kelly and the kick ass guitar player.


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