Music video: SHINee - Lucifer

Didn't the girls look lovely in this music video?! Key was giving The Forehead a run for her money. He was working more make-up and semi-mohawk swagger than she was in her "Rude boy" video. Get 'em gurl!!

I can't say this video did much for me. When everybody in the K-Pop game is seemingly adhering to the same template, nothing really tends to stand out. And "Lucifer" was just one of many other videos we've seen over the past year or so which features all the shit we've seen before. The dancing was cool, but that was all that was cool to me.

"Lucifer" isn't SHINee's catchiest song. It sounds like "Ring ding dong" mashed with the intro to CL & Minzy's "Please don't go" and some miscellaneous dance song off of UK radio.


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