Music video: Se7en - Better together

I just can't connect with this song. The song structure and the way it switches vibes from verse to verse and then the chorus just feels too disjointed and prevents me from being able to latch onto it. Plus, everything the song has to offer has been served up by about every other artist and group in the K-Pop game. It was cool how he threw in a little line from his US debut "Them girls". Although that song was such a damn flop, I wonder how many people realized he even did it.

The music video was also that same ol', same ol'. YG entertainment must have shares in florescent tube lighting. They just have to.

I think the song is garbage, and so is the video. Se7en's done MUCH better in the past. But he will have a hit with this because he's Se7en. And frankly, it doesn't take much for an idol to have a hit in Korea. If they follow the template of auto-tune on a track, flashing lights in a video and goofy picture posted to their me2day account - they'll have a hit and have fans chanting their name on Inkigayo.

I'm just waiting for that album to drop so I can hear "Digital bounce" in full, but the snippet is fire.