Namie breaks it with a damn explosion

Here's a quick look behind the scenes of Namie's latest Coca Cola zero Wild health commercial, along with a look at the commercial itself. It's hot. Just like all the rest of Namie's TV commercials. These shits are better than her damn music videos. Kinda pissing me off a little.

This is a f**king trend now isn't it!? Another Namie song getting a better commercial than it does a music video. Watching Namie work it out with the New Zealand All Blacks was hot, and watching Namie kick it in front of an explosion...obvious hotness. But then the music video was some boring ass crap. "Do me more" and "Wild" both got shafted the same way. Great looking commercials, and then shitty music videos. And do not get me started on how "Copy that" and "My love" featured in kick ass commercials, yet did not get released as singles.


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