Beyoncé be stylin' (like Etta James on Safari)

Beyoncé be stylin' (like Etta James on Safari) | Snapped
I see Beyoncé's self styled game is still messy. But at least she's trying. Yes. She looks like Etta James got raped behind a bush by a Leopard on Safari. But at least she is trying. I like anything Beyoncé does (or doesn't do) which gives us an insight into Beyoncé the person and not the Deréon dress mannequin that Mathew made out of clay and left over texturizer kits from Tina's salon.

I don't know what it is with Beyoncé wanting to wear such ragged casual trousers and jeans with such smart shoes, but it's what she's into these days. How the hell is she going to dress like she's about to hop in a Jeep and cruise through the Savanna and then rock a smart black Louboutin heel? Wear some sandals or match them heels! Louboutin even does a leopard print shoe!

The wig is the coup de grâce though. Jesus...that wig. When you can't even make it 2 metres from your car without holding onto your wig to keep it on your head, you either: a) Don't wear it or b) Put a hat on it to keep it fixed. Beyoncé done f**ked up with the clothes and shoes. She may as well have put a New era cap on to keep the wig in place. Ciara does it all the time.

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